Health Tourism in Turkey

health tourism in turkey

We act as a professional organizer and facilitator of medical travel abroad rendering a full range of services encompassing treatment at one of Istanbul’s most renowned private medical centers, arrangement of flights, lodging and ground transportation, complemented by VIP airport transfers and exciting sightseeing tours of the metropolitan city. Our role of a mediator between Istanbul’s top plastic surgery clinics and patients from around the globe has helped thousands of people to go through a life changing procedure that has brought confidence and smile back to their lives. With more than ten years of experience in the field of medical tourism our company has established key partnerships with esteemed JCI accredited clinics that provide surgical beatifying procedures of exceptional quality and medical service of the highest standards.

Each patient of ours is treated with special care and attention, provided with complete discreteness and comfort during the period of treatment. In addition you can rely on local representation and assistance at every step of the way. Further to plastic and reconstructive surgery we are able to arrange Lasik eye surgery and hair transplantation procedures at supreme quality and most competitive rates.

The clinics that we offer treatment at are well established private hospitals with an excellent reputation run by highly experienced and motivated team of physicians who have received their education in prestigious universities abroad. The plastic surgeons that work here will do their utmost to make you feel comfortable so that you can leave any doubts or fears behind. They will explain diligently every step of the procedure and will help you to build up realistic expectations about the surgery.

Scheduled surgeries are performed in modern, completely sterilized operating rooms where all the conditions for a successful aesthetic surgery are present. Natural looking results are guaranteed by highly skilled surgeons and most innovative equipment. The best thing is that we make it possible for you to get all this at a price that you can afford.