VIP Services

VIP Services

VIPSER Travel has been established as a distinctive luxury brand of Arpanu Travel, tailored to address the specific needs of our high-profile clientele, who would normally settle for nothing less than the very best.

VIPSER is, as you already smartly noticed, an acronym for a one-of-a-kind VIP Service, meticulously developed upon the highest service standards for passengers who favour ultimate comfort, revealing Turkey’s finest travel experiences, lifestyle and glamour in a completely safe and enjoyable environment. VIPSER is synonym for a consistent and superior service that is not easy to match.

Our VIPSER Staff consist of extremely well-mannered and proficient travel attendants who posses extensive experience in serving VIPs and CIPs (Commercially Important Persons), guests with royal descent, heirs, political elite, celebrities and other highly-valued guests of yours. We have served customers, individuals and groups, with special status and higher-demands from all over the world and therefore posses a thorough understanding of customized and personalized service.

VIPSER ®blends an exquisite selection of high-quality products and services handpicked for you by real travel experts. The VIPSER quality brand consists of the following services:

1. VIPSER Dining:
2. VIPSER Shopping:
3. VIPSER Relax:
4. VIPSER Stay:
5. VIPSER Bizz:
6. VIPSER Escort:
7. VIPSER Sailing:
8. VIPSER Concierge:
Premium dining at signature restaurants with extraordinary setting, extravagant atmosphere and service.
Expert guidance though renowned shopping areas offering authentic and unique products of supreme quality.
Unwind in the finest Turkish Spas and hammams.
A truly crème-de-la-crème experience and sensation in state-of-the-art hotels and residences.
Comprehensive package of services and finest treatment for the business traveller.
Deluxe transfer and touring service in luxury sedans and limos, helicopters, etc. plus VIP airport attendance.
Private Yachting in luxury boats with hired crew, a perfect way to explore the Turkish Riviera.
Bespoke concierge services for the most discerning travelers.