Medical Tourism

What is health/medical Tourism?

Travel or vacationing for health or fitness purpose; a holiday to take advantage of health-care/esthetic services.

Why to travel to Turkey for medical tourism?

Tourists visit Turkey not only considering sea, sun and sand or popular tourist attractions but also for beauty and health purposes. Turkey became very popular for medical tourism in past 10 years thanks to its experience in service business, high quality equipments, professional health care staff/officials and medical tourism agencies!

Who we are?

Arpanu Travel / Hotelistan Turizm is an Istanbul/Turkey based private travel agent and hotelier company founded on the principles of hospitality, patience, solution-oriented and creating an art of service. Our mission is to help travelers with receiving the best possible service using our communication skills and experience on the field. Arpanu Travel/Hotelistan Turizm had grown from a small group of 6 people in 2010 to more than 50 from over 10 different nationalities today. The company is made up of multilingual staff and we are ready to help with "getting things done".

As a medial tourism agent Arpanu Travel/Hotelistan Turizm

We are cooperating with the best clinics/hospitals / health care providers and doctors which offer top class service in Turkey. We believe that in order to reach the true diagnosis is very related with having a consultation with professional and experienced doctors. Thanks to our good relations with the health providers and doctors we became a good partner and a facilitator for individuals in order to reach the best possible targeted treatment.

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Turkey Incoming Operations

Undisputed hospitality, modern amenities and roads in perfect condition, Turkey offers all the prerequisites for a great vacation. Turkey is a quality and affordable destination for both seasonal travellers and all year around travel enthusiasts. Anatolia is a crossing point and holy ground to many religions. The local lands unite people of various origins and religious beliefs and offer intriguing itineraries for exploring local life, history and culture. Ancient civilizations have left their mark and legacy in terms of numerous monuments and ruins, while an evidence for the influence of Christianity, Judaism and Islam represent the numerous churches, synagogues, temples, religious schools and open air museums.

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Outgoing Services

Through our extended network of partners and associates abroad we are able to provide high-quality and cost-effective travel solutions to FIT leisure and business travellers in number of locations throughout Europe and the world. Our outgoing department is able to assist you with a diverse and comprehensive selection of travel products and services such as discounted hotel reservations worldwide, visa support, ticketing, private transfers and tours, Disneyland holiday deals, honeymoon packages and much more. For our corporate clients we provide a wide range of professional handling of groups, incentive tours, meetings, seminars and other corporate events in top destinations.

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Airport Transfers and CIP Services

VIPSER Transfer & CIP service has been introduced to eliminate stress and reduce waiting times at all major airports across Turkey. Our VIP guests enjoy extremely personalized service, easy entry and exit, personal escort through customs and passport control, guidance to departure levels and lounges, domestic and international terminals, flight connections.

Whether your VIP guests travel for business or pleasure, with VIPSER Escort they can rely on completely discrete service. We are able to service private jets by welcoming and collecting your prime clients and their entourage directly from the aircraft with latest model minibus or limousine.

VIP Services

VIPSER Travel TM has been established as a distinctive luxury brand of Arpanu Travel, tailored to address the specific needs of our high-profile clientele, who would normally settle for nothing less than the very best.

VIPSER Staff consist of extremely well-mannered and proficient travel attendants who posses extensive experience in serving VIPs and CIPs (Commercially Important Persons), guests with royal descent, heirs, political elite, celebrities and other highly-valued guests of yours. We have served customers, individuals and groups, with special status and higher-demands from all over the world and therefore posses a thorough understanding of customized and personalized service.

Event Management

Romantic hotels, exotic villas and spectacular castles turn into a fairy-tale and exquisite setting for your big day. Arpanu Travel can help you to choose a fantastic location for your wedding venue or vow renewal ceremony and assist you by providing quality hotel accommodation and VIP transportation for your guests. To make your big day even more special, your ceremony can be arranged on a cruise or a yacht, on open sea-view terrace or in a hot-air balloon above enchanting mountain scenery. At each step you can rely on careful and professional travel arrangements tailored to your individual taste and vision.

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